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Behind the brand: Braez 


It’s time to reintroduce the brand Braez.


Back in the nineties, when the Spice Girls dominated the charts and I was wearing oversized branded sweaters in high school, two childhood friends from Amsterdam created Braez.


A clothing and lifestyle brand for both men and women, focused on producing comfortable clothing that was easy to wear and combine. Their multi-purpose approach to fashion (wear it to the gym, work, club, beach or even to bed) was something fresh and new at the time. Their cargo jogging pants dominated the streets of the Dutch capital. Braez contributed to making comfy garments fashionable. In no time, Braez became an international player in the fashion industry, with over 800 points of sale across Europe, the United States and Japan.


Twenty-five years (and big changes in the fashion industry) later, Braez’ DNA is as strong as ever. Braez equals easy to wear garments made of high-quality, light and flowy fabrics (such as comfortable cotton and linen) in soft, pastel colours. The basic, timeless designs are made to wear every day and at any occasion - whether that is on the street, at a restaurant or club, at home or on the beach.


Drawn to the international, laid-back and liberal spirit of Ibiza, a friend and I opened a Braez store on the island in 2011. I knew the brand from when I was working in retail in Amsterdam and sensed that the brand identity would go hand in hand with the boho lifestyle of the island.


It did. In fact, Braez and Ibiza were - and are - a great match. Braez embraces that stress free beachlife feeling by designing stylish outfits that people often end up ‘living in’.


In the past couple of years Braez gave me the opportunity to be involved in the label’s designs, resulting in the collections being heavily influenced by the vibes of Ibiza.


I was absolutely thrilled to be offered the chance to take over Braez in 2022. After ten years of working with and for the brand, it just made total sense. The Braez feeling had become a part of me. Like me, Braez was born in Holland. But together we came ‘home’ to Ibiza.


I am beyond excited for the next chapter. To design collections that breathe Braez and capture the essence of the brand. To work together with great people and source high-quality fabrics, made with love in Turkey.  To connect with new and loyal customers who love us. To keep sharing Braez’ DNA. 


The Braez story continues!;)